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Classical Music

The MEP Women's Choir

Simeon takes us to a rehearsal of the MEP Women's Choir in Caen, Normandy. Inspiringly, the choir turns out to be lesson in civics.

Social Issues & Communications

Adult Sex: The Pleasure Gap

Heterosexual women and men are missing out on sexual pleasure (the Pleasure Gap) because of undue pressure from ingrained social roles and a blatant...


Omar Sosa: Music Starts with a Meal

In this inspiring video, jazz pianist Omar Sosa tells us how he chooses musicians. The most important information, he gets by sharing a meal with...

Social Issues & Communications

The Future Food Institute

Vienna Live welcomes Sara Roversi, President of the Future Food Institute for a discussion about why good food makes a good society.

Social Issues & Communications

Julio Mendívil: How to be an Antiracist Musician 

Ethnomusicologist Julio Mendívil, Chair of Ethnomusicology at University of Vienna is interviewed about how to fight systematic racism in academia.

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