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The MEP Women's Choir

Simeon takes us to a rehearsal of the MEP Women's Choir in Caen, Normandy. Inspiringly, the choir turns out to be lesson in civics.

The MEP Women's Choir sings and dances during a performance of Sister Act's I Will Follow Him



It’s believed that Classical Greek philosophers consider singing the highest form of communication. Song touches people in ways spoken words can’t.  

In today’s West, we still think about song that way. However, singing is generally done passively, as we listen to someone else’s song, usually a professional’s.

After visiting a rehearsal of the MEP Women’s Choir, I’m convinced that we all should be singing regularly. For individuals – musically trained or not – singing is highly therapeutic as it frees the singer both mentally and physically. For communities, it’s an exercise in civics like no other.

In this report, the Choir’s Conductor, Caroline Géa, shows us how singing transforms a diverse group of “ordinary” women into a united republican tour de force that even de Gaulle and Kennedy would applaud standing.

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