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Every week, Vienna Live brings you closer to the luminaries of art, music, and culture: from intimate conversations with famous artists and musicians to enlightening discussions with key contributors to humanity.

Showcasing humanity through every medium

The Format

Vienna Live with Simeon Morrow is a free virtual webinar live-streamed on social media and available as a podcast.

Each week, a new featured guest is interviewed about her/his work. Guests are professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to their profession. They appear on Vienna Live to present their work, but above all, to share their unique story as human beings. 

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Where we started

The History

The first webinars were livestreamed at the onset of the Pandemic and have taken place every week since.  

Over 200 interviews have featured over 500 different interviewees: from the Mayor of Plattsburgh, New York and the President of Dartmouth College to the Vatican official in charge of the Rome Call for AI Ethics and the curator of the besieged Lviv Municipal Art Center; from musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic and opera singers of Teatro alla Scala, to their counterparts performing together with at-risk youth in gang-patrolled neighborhoods of El Salvador. 

Who we are

Meet the host

Simeon Morrow works at the intersection of classical music and new media as an orchestral conductor and host/producer of the Vienna Live show.  Through his work, Simeon aspires to bring the world of classical music to those who have yet to discover it and use it to enrich everyday life.

Headshot of Simeon Morrow from Vienna Live

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