Welcome to Normandy American Cemetery

Simeon brings us to the D-Day Beaches, where we spend time with some of the servicemen who gave their lives for the cause of freedom and proved that the human spirit is able to make the impossible possible.

The English Channel seen from the Normandy American Cemetery


Does death mean defeat?  Life's most precious moments remind us that what makes us -humans- extraordinary, is that caring for others is worth more to us than life itself.  
It's my honor to share with you the precious moments I spent with the servicemen who rest at Normandy American Cemetery.  

You will see the flatboats they stood in (chest-to-shoulder, each with seventy-five pound backpacks) for two and half hours as they crossed the English Channel.  You will see the ten-story-high cliffs they then climbed as they were shot at from concrete military posts greeting them above.  

So, it's for good reason that Cemetery Superintendent Scott Desjardins avows that, though every day he receives presidents, ministers, generals and senators, those officials are not the VIPs, they are there to learn from the VIPs.

Yes, you will see that what makes us - humans - special is that we see possibility in the impossible.

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