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Mark Smutny: What is "RESPECTFUL" Communication?

Non-profit management expert Mark Smutny shows us how misunderstandings can be avoided with a few simple word choices.

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Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation of inadvertently offending someone with a well-intended compliment?

We all grapple with the challenge of effective communication, a persistent frustration in our daily interactions. Whether in the corridors of academia or the hustle of the workplace, we tread lightly, yearning for that elusive connection with someone who truly "gets us."

But what if the source of these misunderstandings isn't solely our own doing or that of our conversational partners, but rather lies in the nuances of our word choices?

Indeed, by employing a few simple strategies, we can reclaim agency over our daily exchanges and approach them with confidence, presenting our authentic selves.

Enter "RESPECT," a framework designed to revolutionize our interactions and foster meaningful connections.

Join us on Vienna Live as we welcome esteemed non-profit management expert, Mark Smutny, who will guide us in utilizing RESPECTFUL Communications to enrich and transform our daily relationships!


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