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Julie Ford: A Non-Genre-Biased Choir?

Julie Ford: A Non-Genre-Biased Choir?

Carl Dahlhaus, a 20th-century musicologist, explores the essence of music genres. He sees them as complexes of expectations, such as in a string quartet. Here, one anticipates hearing two violins, a viola, and a cello. Each musician specializes in their instrument and part.

Audiences expect these instrumentalists to read music from stands. They listen to what often sounds like classical music. This context sets the stage for Julie Ford's challenge at Saint Mary's College. She aims to create a choir free from genre biases.

Julie's goal is to rid her choir of genre-based prejudice. She insists on an objective, science-driven approach to group singing. This method refuses to bow to typical audience expectations. Yet, questions arise about the choir's true intent to be genre-neutral.

Some students may join with the desire to perform Beethoven's Mass in C Major. They aim to impress in their finest attire, challenging the notion of a genre-neutral choir. 
Watch this episode for a discussion with Julie on the realities of choir performance!

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