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Ben Cosgrove: Bearings

Pianist Ben Cosgrove joins us to share his new album, Bearings and introduce us to new landscapes through music

Pianist Ben Cosgrove performs at the Essex Quarry in Essex, New York


Before we Westerners thought of music as a universal human language, it was considered a celestial power that, together with the stars, mysteriously influenced mankind through space and time.  

Today, pianist Ben Cosgrove has dedicated his career to further exploring the undeniable phenomenon that all spaces and environments are trying to tell us something and that music is the key revealing those messages.  

He travels far and wide to discover the physical world and record what he experiences through music.  Ben is coming on Vienna Live to present us with Bearings, his latest album of experiences.  

Let’s welcome Ben to our show and see if he can convince us there’s no such thing as “empty” space!

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