Isaiah Collier: The Almighty

Jazz saxophonist Isaiah Collier will appear on Vienna Live with Simeon Morrow to discuss music and spirituality in his new album The Almighty.

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"Collier’s ascension into the upper-echelon of the jazz world is happening now." — Downbeat

"The Almighty is a major artistic statement from an artist moving rapidly from strength to strength." — Stereogum

Isaiah Collier takes listeners on a new journey as The Almighty brings the commutation between forces to a higher level with laser-focused compositions.

In 2021, Collier released Cosmic Transitions, a five-part suite that expressed lessons received in the form of five distinct personal relationships he experienced during Retrograde. 

The Almighty explores the relationship between Divine Source and the everyday person. Where Cosmic Transitions presented the questions of how one navigates lessons learned from others, The Almighty drives home the concept that there is a force of higher vibrational energy in nature that we must become in tune with to better ourselves and society as a whole. 

Come welcome Isaiah to our show!


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