Natalia Villanueva García: “Music to Accompany Fairytales”

More than anything else, Natalia Villanueva García loved Disney films when she was growing up. The sweet love stories with cute princes were nice, but it was the soundtracks accompanying them that she was really interested in. In fact, she was so interested in the soundtrack part, that, in 2013, she founded her own orchestra to record them: Vienna’s Max Steiner Orchestra. Yes, today, Natalia found her place as the managing director of that internationally successful Viennese orchestra, but the true fairytale is told by following the uncommon path she braved to arrive there. Natalia was just eighteen when she left her family in Colombia to travel half way around the world to pursue her dream of studying music in Vienna. By the second year of her studies, she could count on at least one positive result: she was pregnant and had vowed to finish her studies while raising her child. The plot thickens…

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