The Harp at the End of the Universe

The Harp at the End of the Universe

Amy Nam performs in the music video The Harp at the End of the Universe

Western music was first considered a science before being considered an “art”.  At that time, astronomy was music’s sister science.  The two were linked together to better examine the phenomena of physics: the mysterious celestial “vibes” radiated from both held a secret that could not be explained.  Although modern academia now separates the disciplines of music and science, they still have much to say to each other. Cosmologists have developed models for the end of the universe, including the Big Crunch, Heat Death, Big Rip, and Quantum Bubble scenarios.  Composer and harpist Amy Nam has turned this apocalyptic modern vision of the universe into modern musical expression.  Amy joins us together with videographer and producer Marc Webster to show us the music and cosmology of today.

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