Anna Maria Mendieta: Tango Del Cielo

Anna Maria Mendieta: Tango Del Cielo

The pedal harp is, arguably, classical music’s most sumptuous instrument.  Indeed, the harp’s ornate column majestically towers over the symphony orchestra, as if to conspicuously draw attention to its founding role in Western music.  But when it comes to the harp’s musical language, most of us can only imagine it intoning a calm celestial world, a peaceful æther where the passionate utterances of daily life have no bearing.  Harpist Anna Maria Mendieta - one of the instrument’s foremost ambassadors - will show us how down-to-earth this versatile instrument can really be.  Her most recent performance takes audiences on a theatrical/musical journey to July 9th Avenue in Buenos Aires, where she leads a full orchestra and sets the stage for a sensual grand tango.  Not surprisingly, Tango Del Cielo, as it’s called, has been awarded four Global Music Awards and debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart.  Come welcome Anna Maria to our show!

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