Third Concert Spirituel at Mount Royal Academy

Third Concert Spirituel at Mount Royal Academy

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Prior to Wagner's (and, later, Strauss') grand opera successes, the German Romantic Lied or song (as translated in English), was the principal means by which early 19th-Century Teutonic composers reconciled prose and musical rhetoric to make a quaint and "chamber" form of dramatic story telling.   Schubert and Schumann remain the peerless masters of this form, and continue to influence how music is applied to text today.  Romantic in form and substance, Lieder by both their pens usually stray to the precipice of bliss before tumbling back in deep, hereditary, sadness.  Loneliness in barren nature is the key attribute of their Romantic daydreams.


Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 7:30PM in the Saint Joseph Center at Mount Royal Academy." produced by Simeon Morrow

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