Camila Dosamantes/Pedro Avila: Dreams of Silence/Devouring Cultures/Breath of Life

Camila and Pedro come as close to “The Student experience” as one can get. When Pedro suffered sleepless nights due to insomnia, he used those hours to befriend the sounds that animated the darkness around him. Camila and Pedro are fascinated by the West’s most common food stock, corn. As if taken directly from the parable (John 12:24:26), the duo hosts communal dinners in which each guest presents a corn dish native to their culture. By taking of the same corn, each guest becomes mutually “enculturated.” As a professional dancer, Camila has survived that career path’s baptism of fire, yet, still today, she delights in the simple miracle of breathing. Come meet Camila and Pedro and wish them well as they depart to continue their unique artistic journey.

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