Joe Lovano: Our Daily Bread

Jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano is interviewed about his new ECM Records album Our Daily Bread and talks about how spirituality is central to his music making.

In the West, spirituality and music, though considered distinct activities, seem to be right at home with each other.  

The conductor Serge Koussevitzky is said to have referred to Boston’s Symphony Hall as a temple and today, religious leaders commonly refer to the heavenly music of angels singing.  

Formerly known for bebop, John Coltrane took a decidedly solemn turn when he recorded A Love Supreme.  In much the same way, saxophonist Joe Lovano’s latest album with Trio Tapestry – Marilyn Crispell (piano) and Carmen Castaldi (percussion) - invokes a spiritual otherworldliness, one only accessible through music.  

Come welcome Joe Lovano to our show and let’s listen to his latest album, Our Daily Bread.  Could jazz be the most spiritual of music genres?

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