Emaginario: Interlude of the Duende

Through his new album, Interlude of the Duende, world music disciple Emaginario introduces us to music as humanity's universal language

World music guitarist Ethan Margolis - aka “Emaginario” – recording his new album Interlude of the Duende

LOS ANGELES: world-traversed and genre-fluid guitarist Ethan Margolis, aka “Emaginario,” is a prime example of an artist who has become greater than the sum of his many parts and pathways. 

Through the eclectic filter of his musical passions, studies and influences, Margolis has evolved into a creative and worldly artist, whose deep connections with Romaní people, flamenco, jazz, blues and even punk coalesce into a unique musical voice.

Elements of that Margolis style can be heard coming to fruition on his forthcoming album, Interlude of the Duende, in trio form with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Eric Harland, set for July 19 release on Ropeadope.

Come welcome Emaginario to our show and get ready for a all-inclusive trip around the world through music!

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