Sullivan Fortner: Solo Game

Sullivan Fortner: Solo Game

Sullivan Fortner in Fall, 2023 (©Sabrina Santiago)

“On Part 1 of his new double-LP, ‘Solo Game,’ which includes tunes from the Great American Songbook and beyond, Fortner’s left and right hands dart over and around each other, creating a high-velocity architecture of rhythm and harmony… But then, on Part 2 — the “Game” side of the album — it’s the studio that becomes his playground.” 

- New York Times

“He is one of the best pianists in the world today and he has all of the musical attributes I love: creativity, technique always in the service of expression, joy and humor, fearlessness and pianistic mastery.”

- Fred Hersch

“He is a spiritually thematic soul, alone in the studio he plays his concerns into the music. What we hear is a musician seeking safety in the studio, using every tool nearby to create a forcefield protecting him from a threatening environment and in this chamber, we hear a world emerge.”

- Jason Moran

Come welcome jazz pianist Sullivan Fortner to Vienna Live and he will present us with his daring new album, Solo Game!

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