Music & More in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Music & More in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A view from Amphitheater of the Church, Trebinje (Photo credit: Tatjana Rankovich)

South-Eastern Europe is one of the few remaining areas of Europe yet to be inundated by commercial tourism, but it probably won’t be that way for much longer.  One city in particular – Trebinje - is sure to start figuring into everybody’s travel plans.  Tatjana Rankovich, a New York-based pianist, discovered Trebinje when she was looking for the right place to organize an international summer music festival.  To find that place, she flew to Belgrade and, with her piano technician friend who recommended Trebinje as a possible location, drove by car across the mountains and valleys of the Balkan Peninsula, documenting her trip with her camera.  When she arrived at Trebinje, well, her photo tells the rest of the story.  Since 2018, the city of 30,000 residents has welcomed Tatjana, the international faculty, students and families of the Music & More Summerfest as musical diplomats and the Summerfest has become a celebrated part of the city’s cultural life.  Let’s get to know this incredible city and its high esteem for the Summerfest: performances can be heard throughout the valley from a stage that overlooks the entire city.  Come welcome Tatjana, composer Ionel Petroi, pianist and her student Knox Oakey, Simo Radic, Historian at the Museum of Trebinje and Dr. Jelena Putre, a public diplomacy professional, to our show and let’s get to know Music & More in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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