Diane Gaillard: The Art of Communicating

Diane Gaillard: The Art of Communicating

Communications, a word that we all throw around without much consideration, derives from the Latin word “sharing.” That might sound strange, because we normally associate communications with the “commands” made throughout the hierarchies of the business world. Indeed, according to management theory, communications are the sine qua non of business: if commands are not communicated to workers, no management can take place: workers will just wait idly for a go ahead they never get or, worse, they will start accomplishing tasks independently and according to their own perspective, which, in all likelihood, will counteract organizational effectiveness. Communication in practise is also sometimes seen as "one way" only when it is actually a dance that needs a "two way" interaction.

Communications aren’t exclusive to the business world; communications also permit friends to express mutual appreciation through smiles, enemies to keep one another in check through stares and parents to comfort the world’s newcomers through embraces. 

Diane Gaillard is the co-founder of Consultancy32, a network of international communications consultants. She provides services to large groups, startups and public entities. Behind each communications action, she ultimately considers communication on the person-to-person level. Diane is passionate about helping individuals challenge and improve themselves through communication.

Diane, welcome to our show for some profoundly professional insights into the gift of “sharing.” 

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