Natsuki Fukasawa: “Piano Music Heals”

Natsuki Fukasawa: “Piano Music Heals”

Photo: Nikki Ritcher

When Professor Natsuki Fukasawa plays, people listen.  And with good reason: she is an internationally acclaimed music professional of the highest caliber. But rather than using her music talents for “entertainment” purposes, Natsuki believes what she does – and what she trains her students to do – is to improve wellbeing.  As Professor Indre Viskontas explained to us back in October, playing or listening to music activates and nourishes a person’s mind in ways that no other activity does.  Natsuki always understood the many health benefits of music on an intuitive level, but lately she has been researching the actual therapeutic benefits of listening to and playing music and promoting them in a world ravaged by the Covid Pandemic.  Come welcome Natsuki to our show!  

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