Band of Brothers: Eldar, Farkhad and Emil Khudyev

As violinist Eddy Castellanos told us last week, parents usually try to dissuade their kids from pursuing professional careers as performing artists. If that be the case, then Eldar, Farkhad and Emil Khudyev’s parents were not very successful: of three children, three went for careers in music. The good news? Today, all three lead success-filled careers and are quickly becoming authorities on violin, orchestral conducting and clarinet, respectively. Unlike the anonymous New York musician who asks how to get to Carnegie Hall from 54th and 6th, it must have been an impossible feat for even one young Khudyev from post-Soviet Turkmenistan (the family comes from Azerbaijan) to get to the USA to study music; how did all three do it!? As the brothers will explain to us, as a band of brothers, no one gets left behind.

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