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Brian Lindgren & Reyes Oteo: Electric Classical Music?

Electric luthiers Brian Lindgren and Reyes Oteo teach us about electric instruments in classical music and why the future of classical music is electric.

(The cupola of the Madonna dei Miracoli sanctuary in Saronno, Italy.  In a fresco by Gaudenzio Ferrari, angles play the luth, violin, viola and cello in concert [1535])

Classical music is an art form that is performed on so-called “acoustic” instruments – those that create and amplify soundwaves by non-electric means.  

The famous adventures of various classical instruments (such as violins) into popular “electric” music genres the likes of Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal merely confirm this consensus: two different music worlds have collided.  

Though their pioneering work, electric violinmakers Brian Lindgren and violinist Reyes Oteo challenge us to imagine a classical music in which touching expression is a synthesis of acoustic and electric resonance.  

Come welcome Brian and Reyes to our show for a look at classical music modernity!

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