Benjamin Lackner: Last Decade

Benjamin Lackner: Last Decade

Benjamin Lackner in Fall, 2022 (Photo credit: Sam Harfouch / ECM Records)

One of Manfred Eicher’s skills as a producer is to find the right new voices for his ECM label. Last Decade contains song after luminous song in which Lackner postulates a crystalline idea and a rapt mood and Eick deepens both. The title track and “Open Minds Lost” are especially strong examples of this band’s pure, searching lyricism. ECM released some fine albums in 2022, but few are more beautiful.

Thomas Conrad, Stereophile

Come welcome jazz pianist Benjamin Lackner to Vienna Live to discuss his newest album, Last Decade!


Wednesday, March 20th (2024) at 19:00 Central European Summer Time / EXCEPTIONALLY AT 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time / 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time


    • meet us in the Vienna Live Zoom Meeting (join us on Zoom and you can interact with Benny and participants from around the world)

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