Giorgi Mikadze: Face to Face

Giorgi Mikadze: Face to Face

Giorgi Mikadze in Fall, 2023 [©Jean-Baptiste Millot]

"On Face to Face, Giorgi Mikadze proudly sing with his hands. With Mikadze’s crystal clear tone guiding the way, this trio follows his sense of momentum. This is an excellent sophomore recording from an incredible pianist.” 

Jason Moran

"Giorgi Mikadze’s new release Face to Face is a unique album that captures the original way this trio explores melody, harmony and rhythm. I really like the way Giorgi and the trio play ballads especially with Moutin on bass and Pannier on drums, playing counter rhythms against Giorgi’s beautiful flowing chords and melodies." 

Jack DeJohnette

  “Giorgi has tailored adventurous arrangements of melodies from the Georgian Songbook, all of which keep the listener engaged throughout. The band displays great chemistry and Giorgi sounds specially inspired on this repertoire. Highly recommended.”

Miguel Zenón

In his daring new album Face to Face, jazz pianist and Berklee Professor Giorgi Mikadze is weaving the ancient music of his homeland Georgia – among the first Christian nations on earth – into the newest jazz language available in 2024.  Come welcome Giorgi to Vienna Live and let’s listen to Face to Face!

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