The Merola Opera Program

We meet the Executive Director and opera singers from the United States' leading opera training program. They sing several opera selections for us.

There are many opera training programs around the world, but few are Merola’s peers.  

The Program’s alumni – called “Merolini” – include Patricia Racette, Dolora Zajick & Rolando Villazón and form the singer class most sought after by the renown post-War opera houses in Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Paris, London and New York.  

But the opera scene is changing and the days of the Three Tenors are past.  New centers of opera excellence are prospering in the East – namely, in China – and those centers are fostering talent pools of depths that the traditional opera centers could only dream of.  

Come welcome to our show the Merola Opera Program’s Executive Director, Jean Kellogg and Sahel Salam, a tenor and Returning Artist, as well as their Eastern counterparts, Professors Niels Muus and Shi of the Central Academy of Drama Beijing.  

These extraordinary administrators, Professors and artists will give us a look at the future of opera.

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(Photo: San Francisco War Memorial Opera House [Photo credit: Andrew Mager])

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