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Indre Viskontas: The Queen, My Lord, Is Dead

Indre Viskontas: The Queen, My Lord, Is Dead

Professor Indre Viskontas, a neuroscientist and stage director, is making the final preparations for her newest production, the world première of the opera The Queen, My Lord, Is Dead, an opera based on Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth.  As Creative Director of the Pasadena Opera, Indre has staged many well-known operas; what makes her productions special is the unique neuroscience perspective she brings to them.  Take, for example, her comments on her recent production of Janáček’s Katjy Kabanova: “Modern neuroscience has begun to shift away from strict borders between a brain that’s disordered and one that is not. Instead, we think about a spectrum of behavior, of experience, of wiring. My hope is that we all see aspects of ourselves in every one of the characters, recognizing how different we each are, and how hard it can be to satisfy our deep-seated need for human connection while retaining our individuality and being true to who we are.”  Shakespeare would surely agree.  Come welcome Indre to our show for an exclusive look at her new production of The Queen, My Lord, Is Dead!

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