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Niels Muus: Conducting Mozart’s Operas

Niels Muus: Conducting Mozart’s Operas

Photo of Niels Muus: ©Alberto Tabocchini

Niels Muus is Director of the Opera Master Program of the Music & Arts University of the City of Vienna, Co-Director of the Vienna Philharmonic’s annual Mozart Project, and all for good reason: besides Mozart, nobody knows Mozart's operas better than Niels.  Just as Mozart honed his craft as a composer during his many European tours, Niels has pursued musical excellence by conducting Mozart’s operas in every major European, American and Asian capital.  For his efforts he has been nominated for both Pulitzer Prizes and Grammy Awards, but recognition has never been Niels motivation: it’s all about Mozart’s music and the singers and musicians that Niels works with to perform it at the highest level.  Come welcome Niels to our show!

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