Matthias Lichtenthaler: The Digital Transformation of Daily Life

An unfathomable transformation is happening all around us: information is being translated into “bits:” those combinations of numbers that computers process with life-altering consequences.  As this “digital transformation” takes place, the old “analog” way of doing things becomes an exclusive luxury.  For example, compare emailing to writing a letter by hand and mailing it by the postal service.  Beyond email, digital transformation of human languages allows computers to turn to speech directly into commands, like “Alexa, turn up the heat, I’m freezing.”  So how does the digital transformation modify our way of doing business and our approach to work – which is not necessarily in the office anymore?  Nobody knows the subject better than Matthias Lichtenthaler, Head of Digital Transformation at the Austrian Federal Computing Center.  Come welcome Matthias to our show and discover the digital transformation of our lives today and what it means for tomorrow.

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