The Honorable Christopher C. Rosenquest: What Does a City Mayor Do?

Plattsburgh City Hall (Source: Alex Scrodin/Wikipedia)

Trump, Clinton, Biden… curiously, when citizens in Western countries go into “voting season,” the elected positions farthest removed from voters’ daily lives are usually the most fervently contested.  Yet it is the local elected officials who are responsible for making sure the streets are paved, the police force and fire brigades are responsive and well managed, the water is clean and abundant, the garbage is collected and well disposed of, and in the case of New York City, cleaner air would first be guaranteed by the prohibition of smoking in indoor public places.  Lucky for us, The Honorable Christopher C. Rosenquest, Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh, New York, is coming on Vienna Live to tell us what being a city Mayor is all about and how these less-fêted elected officials are improving our lives in ways presidents and prime ministers could only dream of.

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Marc Martorana: Education in Motion: Reimagined Learning Spaces

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Metal Desks and chairs, white concrete block walls, loud bells announcing the end of the “learning period;” has the classroom based on the last century’s industrial education model lost its charm? Marc Martorana, a New York City teacher, has adopted an alternative approach. With “Walk and Talk Learning,” Marc is providing tutoring across academic subjects in outdoor settings, utilizing movement, philosophical conversation, and mindfulness-based practices. Rather than sitting still, encumbered by a heavy desk and chair, his students are walking during class. That freedom of motion creates the alert mental state that learning thrives in. Challenging commonly held assumptions that New York city is bereft of natural spaces, Marc is making use of Central Park, especially the Strawberry Fields and North Woods. Come welcome Marc to our show for a discussion on the incorporation of movement and nature into learning.

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Gino Cattani & Simone Ferriani: Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you your chances of entrepreneurial success.

Coco Chanel (© Man Ray Trust/ADAGP Paris 2016) 

Was it because she was a born a genius?  Or did World War I. kill off all the men she competed with?  Or maybe after a cabaret performance, she kissed the right aristocrat?  Entrepreneurship is a perilous endeavor and it’s hard to determine why someone succeeds where someone else fails.  Coco Chanel is a case in point.  She seemed to have everything against her: she was orphaned into extreme poverty, she grew up far removed from the industry center in Paris, her vision of fashion was diametrically opposed to the haute couture establishment, she was a woman in a man’s world.  But the entrepreneuse did succeed, wildly.  Chanel’s success is the subject of Management and Entrepreneurship Professors Gino Cattani (New York University) and Simone Ferriani (University of Bologna & City University of London)’s research into the role that friends might play in fostering entrepreneurship.  Come welcome Gino and Simone to our show and let’s find out how new ideas can make their way from la province to la capitale.  

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Wah Keung Chan: Montreal’s La Scena Musicale

Around Montreal, as you walk by the entrances to cafés, you will find stands with free tabloid papers of the kind found in any other city in the world.  But Montreal has a secret for those passersby who care to look closely: they will notice that, next to the tabloid papers, lies a monthly periodical exclusively published for classical music lovers.  La Scena Musicale is not just a calendar of and guide to the concerts happening around Montreal and Quebec: it is a phenomenal force for cultural unity.  In a bilingual city, the magazine creates a unique space for dialogue between music lovers from both French and English communities.  Wah Keung Chan, the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, probably never intended the magazine to do anything other than promote the music he adores – BTW he’s an engineer and mathematician by training – but Montreal had other designs and La Scena Musicale has just published its 27th volume.  Come welcome Wah Keung to our show and let’s get to know La Scena Musicale!  

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David Murray: Communicating Means Listening to Others – and to Yourself

Most communication professionals will tell you that communication means getting what’s in your head into the head of somebody else. David Murray, author and executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association, says, not so. Communication means listening to your audience’s version of the story—with great care, and with imagination. Only after taking the other’s point of view to heart—and after honestly examining one’s own heart—does communication even begin to take place. David’s book title, An Effort to Understand, is taken from a speech by Robert Kennedy in which he broke news to Black residents of Indianapolis that Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated. Come, welcome David Murray, who will talk about communication—in words and in actions—and the fundamental difference in can make: between violence, and peace.

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