Early fundraising success for Mount Royal Academy’s new music program

Mount Royal Academy logo

Less than three months into his tenure as Music Director, Maestro Morrow’s fundraising initiatives have resulted in the unprecedented purchase of a new Yamaha grand piano for Mount Royal Academy’s music program. “Our benefactors have accomplished in two months what was expected in twelve,” says Maestro Morrow.  “The Academy now, for the first time in its history, has a professional-grade piano, which, will offer not just our students, but the entire Sunapee community, an outlet and meeting point for the highest quality music.  How people from all different communities stepped up and fought, whole-heartedly, for this cause is a blessing and true reason to celebrate.  These generous benefactors are not interested in recognition, their kids are not enrolled in the school, some don’t even live in a neighboring state; they want to make the best music program possible.”

Conducting classes at Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra

The first class of Maestro Morrow’s conducting course (Course I.: Music from 1400 – 1600) will be on October 10th from 17:00 – 18:30 in Aula A. at the Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra (Viale Gorizia, 5, I – 20144 Milano)


Conducting Studies course begins

Simeon Morrow will serve as teacher of Conducting Studies at the Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra at Milano. Students may register for his course “Techniche di direzione corale” on the University website (www.unipiams.org) until September 23rd, 2012

Locandina Corso di Direzione di Musica Sacra A.A. 2012-2013

Locandina Corso di Direzion di Musica Sacra A.A. 2012_2013