William Deresiewicz: The End of Solitude

Are we still afraid of the dark?  Yes, writes William Deresiewicz in his sharp critique of a contemporary West that is spoiled by overabundant material wealth.  But our biggest fear is called solitude.  Describe that noun as you will – the state of being alone, by one’s self, or not in the physical or virtual presence of othersContinue reading “William Deresiewicz: The End of Solitude”

Rossitza Jekova-Goza: Violin Versatility 

Playing first violin is one of the most challenging professional positions out there.  The spotlight is always on and every move the first violinist makes is instantly amplified and judged by everyone around.  So, to play that position well, it takes a lot of trained nerves, mastery of the violin itself and of that role’s place inContinue reading “Rossitza Jekova-Goza: Violin Versatility “

Institute of Sociology St. Gallen: How Marketplaces Control Our Daily Lives 

The Pandemic brought into the open that a remarkable number of Western citizens believe that a cartel of malevolent super-rich businessmen manufactured a global health crisis to further enrich themselves, subjugate others through a pseudo-vaccine campaign and dominate world politics.  Believe in the conspiracy or not, one of the most obvious reactions to the Pandemic wasContinue reading “Institute of Sociology St. Gallen: How Marketplaces Control Our Daily Lives “

Finland’s Savonlinna Theater

In the second episode of our mini-series discovering the extraordinary Finnish City of Savonlinna, we tour the Savonlinna Theater, a professional theater company that produces five new productions every season. Our tour guides will be Jouni Rissanen, Director of the Savonlinna Theater, Hanna Hautala, an actress and Director of Theater at the Savonlinna Senior SecondaryContinue reading Finland’s Savonlinna Theater

The Art of the Opera Coach

When asked what he “really” thinks of actors, the film director Alfred Hitchcock famously replied “Fundamentally, actors are a race apart.  This group is divided into two sections: first, those who have talent and have never received any recognition for it, and, second, those who have received recognition without having any talent.  Either way, they’re cattle.”  One wondersContinue reading The Art of the Opera Coach