Francesca Royster: Black Country Music 

Music unites us, but it also divides us.  We unconsciously foster strong associations between music, gender and race.  Just close your eyes and think about Beethoven’s Choral Symphony: it celebrates music’s unique power to unite disparate individuals into one universal human family, but how many women do you see?  And how many of those women are black?  Now think aboutContinue reading “Francesca Royster: Black Country Music “

Sean Hickey: Whither, Classical Music? 

The classical music “industry” is an intriguing one.  It is a complex of professionals from many different disciplines working together.  Of course, it’s the musicians who perform it and the instrument makers who manufacture and maintain the instruments those musicians perform it on.  But don’t overlook the publishers of the printed music “compositions” that make up the concertContinue reading “Sean Hickey: Whither, Classical Music? “