Davide Massa: What Makes a City a City?

We constantly hear talk about cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris – and the list goes on and on – as dynamic national laboratories of happy innovation; it’s in cities where the best and the brightest fight to implement their visions of modernity and improve life for everyone else in the process.  But, justContinue reading “Davide Massa: What Makes a City a City?”

Dolora Zajick: A Mezzo in a Class by Herself 

We often hear about sopranos as being the prima donnas of the opera house.  But some of the most celebrated, challenging and complex roles in the repertoire are reserved for the mezzo-soprano: just think of Azucena in Verdi’s Il Trovatore.  Dolora Zajick’s storied career seems to make the point that mezzos don’t play second fiddle to any soprano,Continue reading “Dolora Zajick: A Mezzo in a Class by Herself “

Amy Likar: Coming Alive Through Music and Movement   

Musicians and performance artists are very aware of an “inconvenient truth:” they are under constant pressure to repetitively “practice” on their instruments, yet equally under pressure to cease the repetition and let their bodies rest and recuperate from that very practice.  Imagine the quandary: if s/he doesn’t practice, s/he won’t perform at her best; yet, ifContinue reading “Amy Likar: Coming Alive Through Music and Movement   “

Vienna Live at the XXIV. Central European Women Student Conference

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollege, Ich bin geehrt, am XXIV. Mitteleuropäischen Studentinnentagung „Rebuild Together: The Strength of Human Relationships“ teilnehmen zu dürfen. Am 4. März um 20.15 werde ich ein Gastgespräch über die Vienna Live with Simeon Morrow Show geben, die während der Krisenzeit entstanden ist. Die Einladung und alle Infos können hier gefunden werden. Herzlich,IhrSimeon Dear Colleagues, IContinue reading “Vienna Live at the XXIV. Central European Women Student Conference”

Liana Bérubé: A Violinist Raised by Wolves

Liana is an uncommon violinist not because she was raised by wolves, but because she doesn’t buy into the status system that makes the classical music world go round.  This virtuoso violinist makes her audience listen to her performance before indulging their curiosities about which conservatoire she studied at and, more importantly, which master violinist taughtContinue reading “Liana Bérubé: A Violinist Raised by Wolves”