In Boulez’s Tracks

GOING TO EUROPE TO FOLLOW PIERRE BOULEZ WAS A GOAL SIMEON MORROW WAS INTENT ON REALIZING. Acting on his desire, the McGill graduate pocketed the money he saved up conducting a youth orchestra in his hometown of Plattsburg, N.Y. and embarked on his month and a half pilgrimage following Boulez and his Ensemble Intercontemporain acrossContinue reading “In Boulez’s Tracks”

New AYO conductor aims to inspire young musicians

Plattsburg, N.Y. Author: ROBIN CAUDELL, Staff Writer PLATTSBURGH – Simeon Morrow’s intense, dark eyes light with enthusiasm for his new role as conductor of the Adirondack Youth Orchestra. “I am really happy to help out the young people and to give back to the community that has given so much,” said Morrow, a Plattsburgh nativeContinue reading “New AYO conductor aims to inspire young musicians”