Niels Muus: Conducting Mozart’s Operas

Niels Muus is Director of the Opera Master Program of the Music & Arts University of the City of Vienna, Co-Director of the Vienna Philharmonic’s annual Mozart Project, and all for good reason: besides Mozart, nobody knows Mozart’s operas better than Niels.  Just as Mozart honed his craft as a composer during his many European tours,Continue reading “Niels Muus: Conducting Mozart’s Operas”

Natalia Villanueva García: Thrive, Transform and Move Forward

“Who am I?” and “How can I become myself?” are the fundamental questions that Natalia Villanueva García believes every individual is confronted with.  As a counseling psychologist, she works with “natural persons” to promote their personal development as human beings.  Furthermore, as a business consultant, she works with “legal persons” to promote organizational and management development.  Are personalContinue reading “Natalia Villanueva García: Thrive, Transform and Move Forward”

Spearfisher & Zsolt Bognár: Real Music

Where does classical music end and commercial music begin?  Spearfisher has been dealing in earnest with that question for some time now.  Though the music professional was rigorously trained in the conservatory and even earned a doctorate in piano and composition, today, most of his commissions come from the commercial music industry – a music some mightContinue reading “Spearfisher & Zsolt Bognár: Real Music”

Brian Lindgren: New Explorations with the Electronic Viola

The story goes that Paganini commissioned Berlioz to write him a concerto.  Rather than a composition filled with the violin fireworks he expected, Berlioz handed him Harold en Italie, an introspective lyrical work for viola and orchestra.  After a cursory glance, Paganini refused to perform it.  Then, upon hearing its premier, he recognized an extraordinary artistic value in it andContinue reading “Brian Lindgren: New Explorations with the Electronic Viola”

Rundfunkchor Berlin: The World to Come  

A professional “radio choir” might seem like a performing arts organization far removed from daily reality.  Not so: Rundfunkchor Berlin has been at the forefront of every major development in modern Germany’s history.  Among the first choirs heard in family living rooms, Rundfunkchor Berlin premiered Kurt Weill’s music during the progressive interwar years and surely fought bitter cultureContinue reading “Rundfunkchor Berlin: The World to Come  “