Margaret Hillis: Unsung Pioneer 

Still today, the attributes of celebrated conductors – those dominating master magicians of the orchestra – are commonly gendered.  Female presence on the podium is much more common than in 1867, nevertheless – as with CEOs – we have yet to appreciate ways of conducting other than, in the words of Wagner, “your German (male) masters”.  ToContinue reading “Margaret Hillis: Unsung Pioneer “

(CANCELLED*) Ron Rosenstock: The World Through My Eyes 

Photographer Ron Rosenstock brings us the natural world through his camera lens.  He travels all over the globe to meet the earth on its own terms and has just returned from the deserts of Morocco with a collection of his newest awe-inspiring vistas.  Will his striking photos of mother earth be the sole inheritance we bequeath theContinue reading “(CANCELLED*) Ron Rosenstock: The World Through My Eyes “

William Deresiewicz: The End of Solitude

Are we still afraid of the dark?  Yes, writes William Deresiewicz in his sharp critique of a contemporary West that is spoiled by overabundant material wealth.  But our biggest fear is called solitude.  Describe that noun as you will – the state of being alone, by one’s self, or not in the physical or virtual presence of othersContinue reading “William Deresiewicz: The End of Solitude”