Diane Gaillard: The Art of Communicating

Communications, a word that we all throw around without much consideration, derives from the Latin word “sharing.” That might sound strange, because we normally associate communications with the “commands” made throughout the hierarchies of the business world. Indeed, according to management theory, communications are the sine qua non of business: if commands are not communicated to workers,Continue reading “Diane Gaillard: The Art of Communicating”

Pieter de Rooij: An Audience-Centric Cultural Institution?

Dr. Pieter de Rooij is a scientist of “leisure studies.”  Yes, it is possible: at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, Pieter researches what people do for recreation and how governments and NGOs can support citizens in the pursuit of “leisure.”  His research focus is two-fold: the management & marketing of cultural organizations and the study ofContinue reading “Pieter de Rooij: An Audience-Centric Cultural Institution?”

Martin Rokeach: An Oratorio for Oakland 

Music may not directly inspire citizens to civil disobedience, but it sure seems that musicians are among the most vociferous opponents of “injustice anywhere.”  The Oakland Symphony, Youth Orchestra & Chorus under the leadership of Michael Morgan may be a case in point: the joint pursuit of justice and musical excellence defined his 30-year tenure.  Among theContinue reading “Martin Rokeach: An Oratorio for Oakland “

Patrik Aspers: Coping with a Complex World

Human beings are funny creatures.  We usually want what we don’t have.  Certainty is no exception.  If we are certain of winning a match, we get bored and want more of a challenge.  Then again, should we be uncertain about dominating our rivals, what would we not do to gain certainty?  Future-oriented beings that we are – and who doesn’tContinue reading “Patrik Aspers: Coping with a Complex World”

Tatjana Rankovich: Celebrating the Balkans through Music & Art  

Machiavelli might well have summed up the volatility of life in the Balkans when he informed Lorenzo de’ Medici II., that “[The Romans] decided to wage war against Phillip V. of Macedon and King Antiochus III. of Syria on the Balkan peninsula, rather than having to fight them in Italy.”  As Machiavelli implies, the Balkans haveContinue reading “Tatjana Rankovich: Celebrating the Balkans through Music & Art  “