Hum Along for Humanity

HUM ALONG FOR HUMANITY Music undergrad Simeon Morrow likes to mix music with humanitarian causes. “Often people think of music as elitist, as coming from an ivory tower, but I see it as a social vehicle.” The major in double bass and conducting has been in music for years, but after reading Martin Luther King,Continue reading “Hum Along for Humanity”

In Boulez’s Tracks

GOING TO EUROPE TO FOLLOW PIERRE BOULEZ WAS A GOAL SIMEON MORROW WAS INTENT ON REALIZING. Acting on his desire, the McGill graduate pocketed the money he saved up conducting a youth orchestra in his hometown of Plattsburg, N.Y. and embarked on his month and a half pilgrimage following Boulez and his Ensemble Intercontemporain acrossContinue reading “In Boulez’s Tracks”