The Summer Academy Opera of the Vienna Philharmonic: Don Giovanni

Opera productions are more than meets the eye (and ear): backstage technicians and under-stage musicians are just as decisive in an opera’s success as the title-role singers.  So, imagine the challenges facing last season’s Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy Opera of the Vienna Philharmonic: learn to work seamlessly together while keeping extraordinarily stringent social-distancing health precautions.  Well doneContinue reading “The Summer Academy Opera of the Vienna Philharmonic: Don Giovanni”

Arsentiy Kharitonov, Cicely Parnas, Peter John: Music Entrepreneurship

The famous anecdote about the 19th-century Impressionist composer Claude Debussy was that, seated at the piano in front of his Paris Conservatoire professor, he played a series of chords that he knew went against everything he had been taught (id est chord progression by parallel fifths).  Debussy then looked at his teacher and asked why anyone inContinue reading “Arsentiy Kharitonov, Cicely Parnas, Peter John: Music Entrepreneurship”

MingHuan Xu & Winston Choi: Duo Diorama

There are assumably a lot of violin & piano duos around, but how many of them are married?!  Furthermore, how many are, respectively, Heads of the Strings and Piano Programs at one of Chicago’s most prestigious music conservatories?  Come welcome MingHuan and Winston to our show and get ready for a dynamic duo, the likes of whichContinue reading “MingHuan Xu & Winston Choi: Duo Diorama”

Kelley McGarry & Jesus Saenz: Musicians for the World Inc.

Kelley McGarry & Jesus Saenz, co-founders of Musicians for the World Inc., a charitable organization based in the USA, aspire to teach music students in every corner of the world by “virtual music education.”  Come welcome Kelley and Jesus to our show for a look at the future of music education and let’s hear from someContinue reading “Kelley McGarry & Jesus Saenz: Musicians for the World Inc.”

Audiel Benjamín Ávalos & Juan Guerra González

The Embassy of El Salvador in Austria invites you to meet two Salvadoran musicians, Audiel Benjamín Ávalos and Juan Guerra González, who will present their work on the show “Vienna Live with Simeon Morrow.” When: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, from 19:00-20:00 Central European Time (1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) Where: on Zoom and Facebook Live