Beatrice Benzi: Teatro alla Scala 

Milan’s Teatro alla Scala may be the world’s most renown opera house.  But more than a building, it’s a living Italian cultural institution that has a vast workforce and even its own in-house institute of higher education, the Accademia Teatro alla Scala.  Beatrice Benzi, a key member of the theater’s music production team and faculty at theContinue reading “Beatrice Benzi: Teatro alla Scala “

Del Sol String Quartet

San Francisco’s Del Sol String Quartet likes music that asks the question “why not?”  And that “why not?” may shed light on their pioneering journey outside of the comfortable concert hall and into the darkest, most unwelcoming corners of Angel Island – the Ellis Island of the West Coast – a Kafkaesque administrative center formerly responsibleContinue reading “Del Sol String Quartet”

William Deresiewicz & Jonathan Zimmerman: The Ivy-League Miseducation of the American Elite?

For those who give credence to Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of social Distinction, William Deresiewicz’  Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite & the Way to a Meaningful Life – a rebuke of elite American families’ academic objectives – may not come as a big surprise: the premium elites place on accumulating “institutionalized cultural capital,” the likesContinue reading “William Deresiewicz & Jonathan Zimmerman: The Ivy-League Miseducation of the American Elite?”

Martín-Jaime & Reyes Oteo: Music from Málaga

The Spanish port city of Málaga seems to be a great location for exchange, especially as pertains to culture.  The composer and conductor Martín-Jaime and electronic music composer Reyes Oteo – both of whom are residents of Málaga and teach at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Malaga – will guide us through the city’s musicContinue reading “Martín-Jaime & Reyes Oteo: Music from Málaga”

Chris Britton: Challenges of Continuing to Work as an Actor

You might already know Chris Britton, or at least the sound of his deep voice: it may be heard on hundreds of animation series (such as Mr. Sinister in “X-Men”), narrations and commercials.  Chris also works as character actor for film and theater and has written award-winning screenplays.  When imagining success in Hollywood, many of us areContinue reading “Chris Britton: Challenges of Continuing to Work as an Actor”