Andrea Ciucci & Claudia Laricchia: Are Humans Sustainable?

“Sustainable development?”  We hear about it all the time, but what does it mean?  And is promoting “sustainable development” just another way of making us feel good about our not-so-benevolent residency on planet earth?  Sure, apocalyptic pronouncements are also a uniquely human phenomenon, but this one about catastrophic global warming and pandemics – all based on science –Continue reading “Andrea Ciucci & Claudia Laricchia: Are Humans Sustainable?”

Kaisa Makkonen: My Healing Voice

A few years ago, Kaisa was on track for a successful career as an opera singer.  Then she suffered a stroke and it seemed that the young woman had forever lost her voice: she could no longer speak.  But music is a truly mysterious art and through singing, Kaisa would heal herself and learn to speak again.  ComeContinue reading “Kaisa Makkonen: My Healing Voice”

Michelle Djokic: Open Rehearsals?

Open relationships are not considered legitimate relationships by Western standards: they are viewed as crumbling façades masking partners’ mutual disrespect.  For much the same reason, “open rehearsals” are unpalatable to conservative classical musicians.  They believe that serious musical partnerships are exclusive and based on paring musicians of the same artistic skill level and maturity.  This phenomenon is soContinue reading “Michelle Djokic: Open Rehearsals?”

Michael Werba: Post-War Musical Vienna (1946-1955)

Today, Vienna is widely considered the center of the European Classical music scene.  But the city was decimated during World War II. and, from one day to the next, found itself occupied by both Cold War belligerents.  What were those days like and is it true that music was central to the city’s post-war restoration?  Nobody knows thatContinue reading “Michael Werba: Post-War Musical Vienna (1946-1955)”

The Vagues Saxophone Quartet: The Soundscape of Modernity 

Around the latter half of the nineteenth century, a curious single-reed instrument marched onto the Western music scene.  The saxophone was promoted as the most efficient musical instrument ever invented: it was as agile as the clarinet, as versatile as the violin and as powerful as the trumpet.  Though the saxophone has yet to be inducted intoContinue reading “The Vagues Saxophone Quartet: The Soundscape of Modernity “