Dan Pugach: Can Drummers be Composers?

Drummers: we all love them.  They’re the cool women and men who are always relaxed, funny and consummately professional.  When it comes to ensemble music, whether we make the effort to notice drummers’ playing, or not, drummers are the ones who make a group sparkle and its music take flight.  So, it’s no surprise that every record producerContinue reading “Dan Pugach: Can Drummers be Composers?”

Philip Auslander: Musical personæ

Who is Taylor Swift?  The simple answer is that Taylor Swift is far more than one person.  ‘That’s ridiculous!’, you are probably thinking, ‘That Capital One credit card commercial is stupid and there’s only one real Taylor Swift, the one who speaks through her music.’  Yes, that’s exactly the point: when Taylor Swift (the musician) sings, performs physicalContinue reading “Philip Auslander: Musical personæ”

Pablo Solís: Music and Networks in Latin America

No United States politician would ever admit that “America” continues south of the Rio Grande.  Yet, “American” culture is heavily influenced by Latin America.  Latin American lifestyles – cuisine, music & dance, fashion, etc. – are already engrained and class-crossing attributes of US society.  Now add in globalization and increased travel within both the US and the WesternContinue reading “Pablo Solís: Music and Networks in Latin America”

Julia Bushkova: ViolinClass

In his seminal textbook, L’art du violon, the legendary violin teacher Pierre Baillot – a disciple of Kreutzer who, still today, influences the violin program at the Paris Conservatoire – crowned the violin the king of musical instruments and cautioned readers that it is the most difficult instrument to play and that amateurs would be betterContinue reading “Julia Bushkova: ViolinClass”