Rochelle Johnson: Living in an Amputated World

The evening before the operation, she sat alone on the floor of her living room, held her left leg in her hands and silently said goodbye. The doctors had mentioned that, after the operation, she might have some kind “phantom” syndrome in which her young, twenty-year-old body would forget to remember that part of herContinue reading “Rochelle Johnson: Living in an Amputated World”

Mark Smutny: Radically Inclusive Business Meetings

Are some people more intelligent than others?  If so, should their thoughts be more seriously considered at a business meeting? I say yes and no: the near-universal consensus among Western management scholars is that, by definition, managers should have more intelligence available to them than any other employee of an organization.  It’s upon that intelligence “collection” that managersContinue reading “Mark Smutny: Radically Inclusive Business Meetings”

Vienna’s Opera(s)

Vienna: city of both serious and light music, of opera & operetta.  Vienna was the music workshop of both Johann Strauss, father and son, and Richard Strauss, the legacy of which, may be heard any matinée and/or evening of the week at the Staatsoper – which focuses on opera, the Volksoper – which focuses on operetta,Continue reading “Vienna’s Opera(s)”

Philip Auslander: Performance in a Mediatized Culture

Screens.  At one time, their sole purpose was to shield one’s private life from public glances.  Now, screens are the omnipresent medium through which we spend an astonishing part of our private lives viewing public “performances.” The same multimedia distribution and recording technology that first permitted us to “go to the theater” in our slippers and pajamasContinue reading “Philip Auslander: Performance in a Mediatized Culture”