Pablo Solís: Music and Networks in Latin America

Musicians Alfredo Rodríguez and Richard Bona [Photo credit: Music Works International]

No United States politician would ever admit that “America” continues south of the Rio Grande.  Yet, “American” culture is heavily influenced by Latin America.  Latin American lifestyles – cuisine, music & dance, fashion, etc. – are already engrained and class-crossing attributes of US society.  Now add in globalization and increased travel within both the US and the Western hemisphere, and it becomes obvious that tomorrow’s dynamic of inter-American cultural exchange will respect neither geography nor political maps and agendas.  Pablo Solís, a political scientist by training and former Director of International Cultural Cooperation for the Mexican Ministry of Culture, has spent the last twenty years promoting music from Latin America.  Today, he is the Development Manager for Latin America at Music Works International, and coordinates the Cultural Connections Latin America’s network. His work includes the international concert tours of prominent musicians from both South and North America, looking for building bridges and cross collaborations from all over America, the continent.  Let’s welcome him to our show and he will give us an insider’s look at the “American” music of tomorrow.

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