Vince Mendoza: Olympians

Diane Reeves performs with Vince Mendoza (Photo credit: Rick Swig)

Jazz, pop and classical musicians may not always be best friends, but they undoubtedly are when playing the music of Vince Mendoza.  His latest album is named after the very genre-multiplying musicians that bring his pen’s notes soaring to life.  The Olympians, as he calls them, make up the world’s only fulltime jazz orchestra, the Metropole Orkest.  Dianne Reeves is but one of the Orkest’s featured guests on this powerhouse collection of nine compositions that makes the orchestras of Beethoven, Berlioz and Mahler pale in comparison.  Come welcome Vince Mendoza to our show and let’s glimpse at a symphony of modernity.

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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