The Olavinlinna Castle

The small, picturesque Finnish city of Savonlinna is an international heavyweight in European culture & arts.  Since 1912, the Savonlinna Opera Festival welcomes the globe’s most sought-after singers, stage designers and highest-level diplomats to the Olavinlinna Castle.  The Olavinlinna Castle is the northern-most medieval castle in the world.  Beside hosting the Summer Opera Festival, it is part of the National Museum of Finland and open to the public year-round.  Anne Paulasuo, the Castle’s General Coordinator joins Vienna Live to give us an exclusive tour of this extraordinary museum.  Furthermore, Chieko Okabe-Silvasti, Director of Opera at the Savonlinna Secondary School of the Arts and Jorma Silvasti, Former Director of the Savonlinna Opera Festival will be there with two of Savonlinna’s next-generation opera talent, singer Maxim Ogay and pianist Aleksei Rybakov, who will serenade us with Mozart and Schumann!

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(Photo: The Olavinlinna Castle on Lake Saimaa [Photo credit:])

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