The Dolora Zajick Institute for Young Dramatic Voices

(Photo credit: David Sauer)

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them?  World renowned mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick knows, firsthand, that a few young singers find themselves in all three situations at once.  These singers are born with large, sonorous voices that most singers only grow into at the very top of their careers.  The unusual singers have the extraordinary opportunity to further develop their exceptional voices by exploring uncharted vocal territory and their window of opportunity is already closing: it’s now or never.  The problem is that, since they are so out of the ordinary, other singers look at them the way Olivia looks at Malvolio when he declares that triple wisdom, and rarely do they find the support and guidance their situation requires.  Ten years before Dolora Zajick retired, having earned the status of greatest mezzo-soprano of the 20th century, she created the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices for that very reason: to give her younger peers a place to belong and the chance to do what other singers don’t think is possible.  It’s a community where young “dramatic” voices meet and receive instruction by tutors who have already climbed that lonely, steep path.  Come welcome Dolora to our show and hear for yourself the sound of vocal greatness times three!

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