(CANCELLED*) Ron Rosenstock: The World Through My Eyes 

“Rock Garden, Reykjavik” by Ron Rosenstock (2014)

Photographer Ron Rosenstock brings us the natural world through his camera lens.  He travels all over the globe to meet the earth on its own terms and has just returned from the deserts of Morocco with a collection of his newest awe-inspiring vistas.  Will his striking photos of mother earth be the sole inheritance we bequeath the next generations of her inhabitants?  Ron wants his incredible discoveries to stir our collective human conscience to action before it comes to that.  Rather than speaking on her behalf – as has become commonplace – he allows nature to speak directly to us in her own inimitable voice.  Come welcome Ron Rosenstock to our show and let’s listen to what she has to say!

WHEN: This show, originally scheduled for January 4th, has been rescheduled for April 26th, 2023.

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