Rossitza Jekova-Goza: Violin Versatility 

(Photo credit: Ralph Duke)

Playing first violin is one of the most challenging professional positions out there.  The spotlight is always on and every move the first violinist makes is instantly amplified and judged by everyone around.  So, to play that position well, it takes a lot of trained nerves, mastery of the violin itself and of that role’s place in the musical repertoires as well as leadership abilities.  Rarely does any violinist master even just one of its three professional domains – performing as concertmaster of the orchestra, first violinist in the string quartet or teacher of a violin class.  Dr. Rossitza Jekova-Goza is credited with mastering all three: her colleagues consider her at the top of her game be she in the role of concertmaster of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, as First Violinist of the Harrington String Quartet or as Lecturer in Violin at the West Texas A&M University.  Come welcome Rossitza to our show for a look at what violin versatility is all about and let’s ask her how we can learn from her example to become better professionals, no matter what field we work in.

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