The Society of Friends of the Fine Arts Vienna

In Memory of the Victims of the Stein Penitentiary Massacre by Ramesch Daha (2018)

Vienna: The City of Fine Arts.  When viewing exhibitions at three of Vienna’s most renowned museums – The Academy of Fine Arts, The Museum of Modern Art and the Albertina – it’s likely you are viewing an artwork acquired for that museum by the Society of Friends of the Fine Arts Vienna.  Since 1980, this unique charitable organization has existed solely to purchase celebrated artworks of the past, commission highly valuable new artworks of today and donate all acquisitions to enrich and enlarge the collections of those three museums. Sylvia Eisenburger-Kunz is the art connoisseur and manager behind this incredible 40+-year operation and she joins us, together with artist Ramesch Daha o give us an exclusive look at the newest artworks to call Vienna home.

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