Amelie Kreiter: Who needs Intercultural Business Training? 

US President Barack Obama toasts a glass of beer to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, Professor Joachim Sauer, in Krun, Germany,, June, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

In many parts of our world, everyone wears jeans, sends the same emojis 🙂 and spends way too much time staring at smartphones; today, globalization makes it seem that the world is coalescing around a single cultural perspective and that those who don’t share that perspective simply haven’t caught up. Yet a “prost” in Munich is still distinguishable from a “toast” in the City of London. And if those honest celebrations of companionship are still that different among European capitals, imagine how different such rituals are in Dakar or Manaus! As tourists, we can marvel at such cultural distinctions and laugh at the misunderstandings that come from making jokes with people who don’t get them. But it’s a different game when you are dispatched to foreign lands as corporate ambassadors: intercultural training becomes key to interacting successfully with your foreign counterparts. That’s why Amelie Kreiter is called on to prepare businessmen and women for their upcoming assignments. Amelie, a specialist in intercultural business, speaks six (6) languages and gained her insight into spoken and unspoken cultural differences as an employee of the global airline Lufthansa. During her Master’s in Intercultural Studies, she connected her international experience with key theoretical concepts of managing a global workforce, which led her to her calling as intercultural trainer and consultant. Come welcome Amelie to our show and see for yourself how intercultural training is the difference between “contract” or “no contract” in today’s global business world!

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