Chamber Music America

Classical music insiders know about an extraordinary organization headquartered in New York City.  Chamber Music America is a charitable corporation whose sole mission is to develop, support and strengthen the chamber music field in the United States.  CMA CEO Kevin Kwan Loucks and his eight-person team are right offstage supporting chamber musicians all over the nation by providing them tailor-made professional resources and benefits: CMA offers six different grant programs, multi-modal networking opportunities, an annual conference, and the quarterly publication of its flagship Chamber Music Magazine.  Are you feeling left out because your chamber music isn’t all that classical?  As recently as the turn of the millennium, Chamber Music America redefined chamber music by including jazz and world music genres and, since 2016, has made “diversity, equity and inclusion” a primary focus of its work.  Nevertheless, as the organization acknowledges, bold restructuring won’t be easy: CMA was chartered to promote a form of European classical music that is exclusive in nature.  Ethnomusicologists surely nod in agreement while pointing out that music divides people as much as it unites them.  In fact, didn’t the elite cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Emanuel Ax just perform the “Our Shared Humanity [classical chamber music] Concert” at the world’s most exclusive forum?   Come welcome Chamber Music America CEO Kevin Kwan Loucks to our show for an inclusive look at the future of chamber music!

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