Natalia Villanueva García: Spirituality as a Resource for Mental Health 

(Photo credit: Klaus Ranger)

Since fiscal year 2015, mental health expenditures have made up the greatest part of global medical expenses.  And if that defined the pre-Pandemic era, imagine the global mental health situation today.  The West calls it a mental health crisis and addresses it with a variety of therapies such as anti-depressant pharmaceuticals and in-person therapy sessions of so-called Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  Natalia Villanueva García, a Certified Expert in Spirituality proposes a third therapy: Spiritual Life Coaching.  Rather than supplementing the others, she views all three as complimentary tools with which to tackle a myriad of mental health issues.  So, what exactly is Spiritual Life Coaching and how can it improve mental health?  Come welcome Natalia to our show and feel its healing power for yourself!

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