Chieko Okabe, Jorma Silvasti & Kaisa Makkonen: Opera from Savonlinna

Photo: Olavinlinna Castle (Source: The National Museum of Finland)

The City of Savonlinna is what many of us picture when we imagine Finland: it is small, hospitable, surrounded by forests and lakes, and filled with cultural activities.  The Olavinlinna Castle is the center of the City and also a fortress island that symbolizes the heart of the Saimaa Lake Region, one of the largest bodies of fresh water in Europe.  So, it’s fitting that Olavinlinna Castle also hosts Finland’s most prestigious opera festival.  Let’s get to know Savonlinna by meeting three of the City’s celebrated singers: sopranos Chieko Okabe and Kaisa Makkonen and tenor Jorma Silvasti!  Come welcome Chieko, Kaisa and Jorma to our show!

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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