Tanya Tomkins: What are Period Instruments to Classical Music?

Right Photo by David Williams

Cellist Tanya Tomkins performs classical music on two different instruments: one “period” the other “modern”.  Both instruments are crafted from the same kind of wood and have four strings; except for the convex shape of her “period” bow, non-connoisseurs would have a hard time telling the two apart.  So, what makes for a “period” or “modern” performance?  Is it Tanya’s instrument choice or her performance style?  And does that dichotomy imply a right and a wrong classical music?  Questions aside, “period instrument” performances are a Western classical music phenomenon and we have an exclusive opportunity to get to know what it’s all about from one of its pioneers.  Come welcome Tanya to our show for a look at her artistry and directorship of the West Coast’s period-instrument Valley of the Moon Music Festival!

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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